Perfect primarily as a crispy and sweet snack, they are excellent raw. Thanks to the sour note, they are expressive in taste. Most often used in preserves – jams and mousses, but also taste delicious as an addition to duck and venison or cakes and pancakes.



They are distinguished by an intense aroma, are exquisitely raw. That’s why they are perfect as an idea for a second breakfast or addition to unprocessed dishes, such as salads. They blend well with other fruit, such as pears. Perfect for drying.



It is above all an excellent crispy snack. They also taste delicious in homemade products (jams, marmalades and mousses). Great for juices and compotes. Bake them and use as an addition to meat and cakes such as apple pies, strudels and buns.



Delicious tastes raw, but they are in principle universal use. They are often chosen for home-made preserves such as compotes or marmalades.

Suitable for stewing and frying, they can be a tasty complement to salads and an excellent base for sour cider.



Because of itheir unique aroma and sweetness these varieties are adored by children, often served by  mothers for a second breakfast also in the form of juice.

In mousee perfectly compose with spices like vanilia, ginger or cinnamon.