Beginnings of the uprising the biggest orchard in Europe as Grojec called and around, come out from reign Queen Bona, which was distinguished by a passion for gardening. In 1545 Queen Bona get arge tracts of land, which she took care of by establishing numerous for garden owners. In royal act from 1578 year ssued by the son of Queen Bona, the fruit-growing was found right.

These date decide about the beggin of development fruit orchard, the most the apples orchards.

The main promoters of fruit-growing and the important role in the history of The Apples from Grojec were played by priests (Roch Wójcicki from Belsk, Niedźwiedzki from Łęczeszyce, Stefan Roguski from Goszczyn and Edward Kamiński from Konary). Begin of XX century was a time establish an commercial orchards with significant participation Jan Cieslak from Podgorzyce, he became famous for the introduction of culture in the cultivation and storage of apples (in 1918 he built the first fruit storage facility in Poland). Witold Urbanowicz, one of the first gardening advisors, distinguished himself from the development of 10 garden commandments. The development of Grojec fruit growing began with the end of the Second World War, the precursor of which became prof. Szczepan Pieniążek. It was from the effect of his efforts that the Institute of Fruit and Vegetation was established, which was the basis of knowledge and experience in growing apple trees for local fruit farmers. A professor – Eligiusz Gajewski founded in Nowa Wieś – Experimental Plant of the Institute of Pomology and Floriculture, which became a model farm and a treasury of knowledge for fruit farmers. Already in 1958, the cultivation of “Grójec apples” was so large that by the decision of the deputy chairman of the Presidium of the Poviat National Council in Grójec – Wacław Przytocki, an event was organized to promote apples and the region – Days of Blooming Apple Trees, which are organized every year to this day.